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Mortgage Fitness Checkup – Normally $150, Now $99

The Mortgage Fitness Checkup offers a snapshot of your current mortgage and how it compares with other, and perhaps better, mortgage options and strategies. This tool can help you determine if it makes sense to capitalize on another mortgage plan or if your current mortgage is making the most and best use of your money.

Total Mortgage Analysis – Normally $750, Now $499

The Total Mortgage Analysis, not found anywhere else, is a comprehensive review of your current or future mortgage program and how it incorporates into your overall financial and stewardship plan. The Total Mortgage Analysis is designed to turn your mortgage liability into a financial strategy for eliminating the burden of mortgage debt as fast as possible, securing your property free and clear, maximizing your ability to create wealth, and to give more generously.

The Total Mortgage Analysis includes the following:

  1. The Mortgage Planning Review
  2. Debt Consolidation and Equity Repositioning Analysis: Shows the long-term financial benefits of consolidating debt and repositioning old debt into investments or mortgage term reduction
    • Equity Review
    • Consolidation
    • Equity Repositioning
  3. Recommended Mortgage Plan with either:
    • Equity Acceleration Plan: Pays off your mortgage faster and saves you thousands in interest
    • Equity Optimization Plan: Invests your equity into an interest bearing account
  4. Credit Repair Counseling, Repair and Optimization
  5. Quarterly RateWatch Report comparing your existing mortgage with current programs and rates
  6. Weekly and Monthly E-mail Updates
  7. The Solomon Principle Bi-Monthly Newsletter
  8. The book "Money, Possessions and Eternity" by Randy Alcorn

Equity Acceleration & Equity Optimization

Credit Counseling, Repair and Optimization

Debt Reduction, Management & Consolidation for Individuals

All Things In Common Package

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